William's great uncle mined in the Lolo Creek drainage on the Musselshell near Pierce and Weippe, Idaho one winter between 1910-1915 averaging $20.00 per day. Another relative had a pack string of more than 110 mules from Walla Walla, Washington up to Sandpoint, Idaho, followed the Clark Fork river to present day Superior, MT. then over the mountain trails into the Pierce and Weippe mining districts and then down the Clearwater and Snake Rivers back to Walla Walla until the roads were put in a freight wagons took the place of the mule train. 

The family has long been involved both in mining and in selling prospecting supplies to miners as William's great grand father’s wife's grandfather, Sam Brannon, was the premier supplier to the Northern California gold rush. William McNall is now continuing the family heritage with a small mining supply company for both the small claim miner and the recreation prospector. 

We are not out to "mine the miner" but here to provide a service in a part of the world that is a small population and hard to get anyone who actually know anything about mining to carry the products a small claim miner needs, or a recreational prospector might want too. 

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William McNall
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William is passionate about responsible gold prospecting.

 He contributes to many prospecting related forums  on the world wide web. 

​Should you have a question or comment please feel free to email him.. His email is william at mcnalls dot com.
Prospecting... a McNall Family Heritage