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Gold Prospecting has a heritage all its own. Families throughout the United States bond in this clean outdoor activity. Some say that prospecting hurts the waterways. We feel that when done responsibly prospecting is harmless to the waterways. To learn more about how prospectors are stewards of our natural resources contact a prospecting organization in your state. Together they educate and work in conservation efforts to promote responsible, respectable prospecting practices. 

This page has a compilation of photos and videos of our prospecting family and friends. Thanks for visiting! If you want to share your stories, videos and photos we invite you to visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/DiggItProspecting
Our good friend VarrelVintage Dixie DoodlebugElk CIty ClaimVintage Dixie DoodlebugLeTrap Sluice at Greer GulchElk City claimWilliam working the gravels and concentrates.lil old KamiahThere is gold in there.Camping at the claim of our friend in Elk City, Idaho